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Attestation of employees of legal entities (managers of a legal entity (transport unit (service) of a legal entity), deputy head of a legal entity (transport unit (service) of a legal entity) responsible for organizing the transportation process, and a specialist in ensuring transport safety is carried out by the certification commission of Uzbek agencies of automobile and river transport.
Certification of individual entrepreneurs engaged in the carriage of goods by road is carried out by the Commission and / or, if they wish, by the certification commissions of the Agency’s territorial branches.
Questions for certification is formed based on the need to determine knowledge of the rules for the transport of goods, passengers and baggage by road, measures to ensure the safety of transport, responsibility for their failure. In particular, employees of carrier enterprises engaged in international passenger and goods transport by road, and individual entrepreneurs engaged in international transport of goods by road should also know the norms of international conventions, treaties and agreements of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of international road transport, border crossing rules, requirements for weight and dimensional parameters of vehicles and procedures adopted in cases of deviations from rm international law, to the regime of work and rest requirements of drivers engaged in international road transport, according to the "European Agreement concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR)" and so on. n.
The following documents are submitted for certification:
application in any form;
application form in accordance with Annex No. 1 to this Regulation;
copy of the diploma of higher vocational education automotive profile;
copies of the workbook and the order of appointment to the appropriate position.
The questionnaire must be filled out by an employee of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur. All questions of the questionnaire should be given complete and complete answers, none of the graph of the questionnaire should be left blank. The presence of at least one blank column will mean incomplete filling of the entire questionnaire, and it will be returned for revision.
If necessary, at the request of the Commission, additional sheets should be attached to the questionnaire to enter detailed information on the questions of the questionnaire and confirm the satisfactory business reputation of the person subject to certification.
Documents are submitted to the Commission directly or sent by mail with the notification of their receipt. Documents are accepted by the Secretary of the Commission on the inventory, a copy of which is sent (handed) to the employee of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur with a note of the date of receipt of documents.
In case of improper execution of the submitted documents or submission of documents not in full, the attestation commission has the right to refuse the employee of the legal entity and the individual entrepreneur admission to the attestation.
In the absence of comments on the submitted documents, an employee of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who has submitted an application is allowed for certification.
In case of non-attendance without valid reasons, two times in a row, an employee of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur applying for certification is excluded from the list of those qualified for certification, and the documents submitted by them are returned.